The colors vibrate with energy helping the character of each canvas come alive.  There is a depth in all their eyes; painted photographs of bohemians, lovers, artists, the beautiful people in this world.  Befitting that the painter, Ryan Karey, without any hesitation says his favorite word is “beautiful”.  Inspired into wonder by people, “I feel in me what other people are going through, often”.  Ryan’s work is best described as intuition reflected in splashes and strokes, emotion in the second dimension.  The journey began around six years old in a littering of crayons, entranced by drawings of damsels and heroes; simply visiting his grandmother, as he learned that yearn of passion.  His eyes finally could open in this light, in the world of beautiful people, where he is  “most whole when creating…closest to the core, I can’t not do it”.
“Inspiration can come in all forms. For me, it comes strongest through people. I find most of my work to be based upon human emotion and expression both beautiful and complex. The media that I find to be most expressive of who I am is working with oils. I enjoy oils because it seems to come to me in waves of emotion that I act as a conduit for. It’s hard not to ask questions while painting and doubt where the painting is taking you but I find each painting to be a teacher of something greater. You must trust where it is taking you and turn off your mind to the things of this world.”